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worldBusiness Technology Network (BTecNet) aims to enable an enterprise to improve the management of its resources, including capital, people and information systems, to support the achievement of its business vision.

Throughout everyday business activities we all come across a variety of firms and individuals. However, there a few times where we find key individuals who poses a vast array of skills and experience. BTecNet has, over the past 25 years, identified, filtered and collated the best of these skilled individuals to create the progressive-network of BTecNet.

Currently BTecNet focus on offering consultancy services within the European arena providing: "An integrated and evolutionary set of activities and techniques that enhance business & communication throughout an enterprise enabling it to develop people, procedures and systems to achieve its vision".

BTecNet's progressive-network has bases in: England; Denmark; Holland & Italy, and consultancy skills spanning: Information engineering; organization planning; business re-engineering; application development; information systems planning and systems re-engineering.

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